Doolen Library Reading Contest Book Report
The book you chose must be a fiction chapter book 60 pages or longer
that has not been made into a movie in the last 16 years.
Student Name _______________________________________________  
LA Teacher _________________________  Grade ______________
Book Title ___________________________________________________
Author ___________________________ Number of Pages ______________
Adult Witness ___________________________________________________
Date Started _____________________  Date Finished __________________

Is this book part of a Challenge:
Global ___________ What country _______________________
College_____________Classic __________________ 

Write your answers legibly in complete sentences on lined notebook paper
or printed out from a computer.
1.      Who are the main characters of the book?
2.       Who are the minor characters of the book?
3.      What was the setting of the book?
4.      What was the conflict in the book?
5.      What was the resolution?
6.      What was the genre of the book?
7.      What was the book’s point of view?
8.      Write a brief summary of the book (in less than 10 sentences)
9.     Rate the book between 1 to 5 stars (5 stars being the best) and tell why?
Attach this sheet to act as the cover sheet for your Doolen Reading contest.