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A Student Library Aide’s primary responsibility is to assist Library Staff to assure the Library functions well.  A Student Library Aide assists by working quietly and doing the following:


1.      Shelve books off the cart for your assigned area.

2.      Read the shelves in your assigned area an organized, structured and sequential way so that all shelves are read every-week period with a minimum of 2 shelves each day.

3.      Check-in books and place them on the cart in correct order.

4.      Remain near the computer to assist students with check-out and check-in of their books.  Remind students to use shelf markers.

5.      Model appropriate library behavior while you are on-duty and off-duty in the library.  I.E.  No gum, no sitting on tables, use shelf markers, etc.

6.      Assist the library staff with any task they request your help with.

7.      Read a book or do your homework upon completion of your regular duties.


only to be used for library business.

9.      Assistants will not use the Internet unless the Library Staff requests you to do so or you have free time and there are some available

10.   Take PRIDE in your work and keep the circulation desk neat.





“A” performs all tasks well, has an excellent positive attitude, is  self-directed, capable of critical thinking to solve problems and is not absent often.


“B” performs all tasks well, has a good attitude, needs occasional reminders and assistance with problems and is not absent often.


“C” performs all tasks adequately, has a fair attitude, needs reminders to stay on task and has a decent attendance record.


“D” performs basic tasks poorly, has a poor attitude, needs reminders to stay on task and has a poor attendance record.


“F” requires the Library Staff’s attention so frequently that he or she interfers with the running of the library.




Please sign below to indicate you understand and agree to the above working conditions.






Please have your parents sign to indicate they are aware of what is expected of library student aides and return it Ms Hipple



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